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Driven TT Track Ultra Foot Peg

Driven TT Track Ultra Foot Peg


  • Please Note: Price is per Foot Peg.

    If not in stock Driven Foot Pegs will need to be ordered. Please 2-3 weeks for delivery.



Driven Racing is proud to introduce a new product compatible with all our rear sets, the TT track day ultra-foot peg. This foot peg has 360 degree grip and is machined to optimize weight and strength, we also included a breakaway point in the peg to avoid more damage to the rear set in the event of a crash.
A plastic plug at the end of the peg finishes the peg off with a clean look and offers moderate protection to the peg from scuffs and scratches.
The peg uses a strong M10 bolt to attach to the rear set so it will not bend with heavier riders.
Available in black anodizing and sold and packaged individually.