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RK Racing Chains

RK Racing Chains

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RK chain is the premier chain manufacture for the motorcycle world made in japan with built in Japanese quality it is the chain of choice for all motorcycle riders weather racing or track day riding. RK Chains are in all areas of motorcycles today from Moto GP to club racing to daily commuting.

-RK JAPAN PREMIUM XW-RING. Premium quality XW-Ring sealed chain. Light weight XW-ring chain for maximum performance and less rotational mass. Excellent wear life and available in a variety of OE Colors and Neon Colors.

-MAX X SERIES Using RK’s RX-ring seals and is competitively priced for mid to large displacement machines. Available in a wide range of colors including:
Natural, Gold, Chrome, Black/Gold, Black/Chrome, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Pink.