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Terms & Conditions



All prices shown are in Australian Dollars


  • Red-Mist Motorcycle Accessories ships within Australia ONLY.
  • Orders are shipped via Australia Post.
  • Items valued over $50 will include postal insurance valued to price of item to ensure parts are covered in the event of loss or damage.
  • All care will be taken when packing and shipping your order.
  • Products will be shipped within 3-5 business days unless they need to be ordered.

Many of our products require custom orders so please refer to the following times for orders:

  • BST

BST Wheel orders: 6-8 weeks

  • Braketech Products

Brake Rotors: 6-8 weeks

Other Braketech Products: 2-3 weeks

  • Driven Products: 2-3 weeks
  • SamcoSport: 2-3 weeks
  • Worldwide Bearings: 2-3 weeks

We will send a notification by e-mail or text when we receive your order for shipping and another when we ship to you. We will keep you updated with any delays.

Payment Terms:

Paypal or EFT Accepted


  • All merchandise must have prior approval before being returned to Red-Mist. Please e-mail with a detailed explanation of reason for return and instructions for return will be outlined. Buyer is responsible for return freight cost. No returns will be accepted after 7 days from product despatch date.
  • All returns must be returned unopened with original packaging and in an UNUSED condition and undamaged condition.
  • Returns will not be accepted once product is fitted to the bike.
  • Returns can only be given to the original purchaser on the invoice provided and invoice must be provided.
  • Returns made without exchanges are subject to a 15% restocking/handling fee unless the product was supplied incorrectly.
  • There will be NO returns on BST wheel orders and BrakeTech Rotor orders.
  • We will refund return postage if product is faulty or if incorrect item was received.

Warranty Information:

  • All Red-Mist products carry a limited one-year warranty unless otherwise stated against defects in workmanship and/or materials.
  • The warranty is provided only to the original purchaser who is listed on invoice.
  • Warranty is voided if there is abuse, misuse, incorrect installation and modifications to the product.


Manufacturer Specific Information:


BST wheels are covered for 2 years on workmanship. BST wheels are hand crafted in an ISO certified facility. All care is taken in manufacturing however occasionally a wheel may exhibit slight irregularities. These irregularities are acceptable by the motor industry and BST and do not affect the structural integrity or performance of the wheel.

Motorcycle riding CAN BE HAZARDOUS. We do not accept liability in any way for damages caused to the wheel due to abuse or improper use of the BST wheel.

Each wheel has a Unique Part number and Serial Number which will need to be quoted in the event of a warranty claim.

DO NOT RETURN damaged wheels to BST. All merchandise must be returned to Red-Mist ONLY with prior approval.

Fitting of tyres:
Tyres must only be fitted with an OEM approved mechanical tyre-fitting machine. Only an OEM approved and certified tyre changing machine operator may change the tyres on BST wheels. Never use a tyre lever or similar instrument that could make direct contact with the carbon fibre, as these will damage the wheel. Only the correct size tyres as prescribed by the OEM motorcycle manufacturer or if BST advised otherwise should be fitted to your BST wheels.

Replacing the valve if needed: 

The valve is fitted at the BST factory. If you need to replace the valve you can only replace it with an original approved BST Blackstone TEK valve (available from your retail outlet through our Distributors).

Use of tyre warmers on BST Wheels:
Make sure that the tyre warmers temperature is operating to the correct tyre warmer manufacturers temperature. Do not exceed OEM tyre manufactures temperature guide lines at any time.

Operating parameters, ensure that the following conditions are not exceeded:
Maximum weight of the motorcycle: as per the static load rating on your BST wheel stipulated on the BST website for your motorcycle. Maximum operating temperature: 100ºC / 210ºF


Do not attempt to remove the hub and/or replace any components. The BST hubs are always factory fitted. The warranty expires immediately if any of the hub components has been removed, damaged or tampered with.

Sprocket: Fitting of sprocket carrier for wheels with sprocket carriers ensure that the drive pins and nuts are torqued to 40 Nm or as prescribed by the OEM motorcycle manufacturer. Sprocket sizes are


In the case of replacing wheel bearings. The replacement or removal should only be performed by an approved OEM certified professional. Please do not attempt to replace the bearings yourself. Removing the bearings with the wrong procedure will damage the wheel beyond usage and nullifies the warranty.


The BST wheels can easily be cleaned with warm water and mild soaps. Do not use heavy duty cleaning detergents, petrol, thinners, acetone or similar to clean your wheel.


Braketech products are guaranteed to be free of material and manufacturing defects when used in accordance to supplied mounting and usage instructions. Any defective product will be limited to replacement of that product only, no other incidental damages will apply. The use of unapproved sintered metal pads on rotors is not recommended. For Racing purposes all products are warranted to be free of material and/or manufacturing defects. Beyond this, there is no warranty (implied or otherwise)


Safety Warnings:

Samco advise that hoses and clamps are fitted only by a qualified professional mechanic or shop.

Samco® hoses are intended for replacing OEM/stock radiator or turbocharger hoses. Samco hoses are never suitable for replacing brake, pressure oil or power steering lines. Standard Samco hoses are not suitable for fuel or oil use unless the item is specifically described as being suitable for such on the packaging.

SamcoSport warrants each hose against defects in manufacture, material and workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.

Warranty will be voided to any Silicone Hose:

  1. Which is degraded, damaged or deteriorates due to fair wear and tear within parameters of high-performance use; or
  2. Which is damaged or broken due to careless or inappropriate installation or removal; or
  3. Which is installed or used in any vehicle or manner for which it is not specified by SamcoSport; or
  4. Which is modified altered reconfigured or disassembled in any manner by any person other than SamcoSport after it has been manufactured by SamcoSport.
  5. Which has had its SamcoSport‐stamped part number tampered with or removed.
  6. Which has been utilised in an application which exceeds Silflex standard operating parameters as set out below
  7. Which has suffered only cosmetic damage or deterioration, including but not limited to, colour changes, logo fading or cosmetic surface degradations.
  8. Which has suffered any form of mechanical damage from physical contact with other parts of the application, for example abrasion, over over‐tightening of clips.
  9. Has suffered any damage resulting in a failure by the owner to follow Silflex’s recommend care, cleaning & maintenance instructions for Silicone Hoses


SamcoSport does not warrant its hoses when used with non-ethylene‐glycol based coolants (Organic acid technology-based coolants, and coolant additives are specifically excluded from this warranty)

Samco does not recommend re‐using old clamps, instead the corresponding Samco Clamp Kit should be used.

Motorcycling and Motorcycle Racing can be dangerous and injurious to life and property, Red-Mist Motorcycle Accessories shall accept no liability in the use of or the fitting of our products. Nor shall we accept liability for vehicle misuse or property damage or injury or loss of life resulting from the vehicle/product misuse or faulty fitting procedures or operator error or the operator error in judgement or acts of nature.