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“Wow! Phil, first of all thank You for the excellent customer service during the purchase of My BST Carbon Fibre Wheels. It is not black magic, halving the weight and moving 80% of the weight to the centre makes so much difference, way more than I expected. Every acceleration, direction change is so much quicker! I wish I had done this earlier. My bike is now complete. The greatest improvement handling, acceleration, braking, top speed, direction changes, turning speed all done with only one change. Wow!”


“Just a few quick lines to say thanks for the Driven clip ons. I finally had a chance to ride the bike with the clip ons fitted (they arrived the same day the shock had to come out!). Excellent finish, fit and appearance. Very happy with the quality and workmanship. The angle of drop makes a huge difference. I adjusted them (rotated on the fork tubes) so they are slightly more to the rear of the bike than the stock items. The bike is far more comfortable than with the Yamaha clip ons. No more aching wrists or numb fingers. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who has a 2006 and later R6; it should almost be a ‘must fit’ item. Thanks very much for the really good customer service – I think quite a few other businesses could pick up a few pointers.”

Mark D’Arcy

To Rocket exhaust.
I purchased a rocket carbon fibre exhaust from Phil at Red Mist for my 2012 yz450f. To use for racing and a little bit of trail riding. The exhaust got sent promptly and turned up 3 days after I ordered it. It looked great on the bike with its blue end cap and carbon can.
As for the performance of the exhaust the rocket pipe really helped the bottom , mid and top end of the bike amazingly. It was that good I was able to pull another gear higher through corners and it would leap out and take off. Jetting was quite easy and the bike sounded great .
On the race track the bike got many holeshots at the dirt action amcross series in the A grade open and as well as many club days.
The finish and quality is second to none and the durability has been great overall .”

Luke Corbett

“The wheels are great. They’ve made a big difference to the handling of the bike. The bike is now turning in properly, feels noticably more settled in the turns. Thanks again,”

Peter Tolstoff